adMarketplace is the latest contextual advertising program

Conducive Corporation’s adMarketplace launched today, and touts itself as the first online auction marketplace for buyers and sellings of graphical ad units. Unlike many graphic ad networks, adMarketplace uses on-page content to determine what ads to display. The adMarketplace patent-pending technology dynamically analyzes the publisher’s Web page based on HTML and meta data, content and […]

If you monetize your prescription drug or tobacco sites with AdSense, you will need to look elsewhere

Many affiliates have been running AdSense on their pill sites as a way to monetize them in addition to the actual prescription drug commission – or have resorted to AdSense alone once the legal issues started heating up in the US. But AdSense has made the jump and as of today, no longer allows AdSense […]

The future of AdWords & its impact on AdSense

Fortune interviewed Google CEO Eric Schmidt this month, and printed the actual interview. Eric Schmidt made an interesting statement in regards to the future of Adwords. FORTUNE: Do you think we’ll evolve beyond keywords? (The basis for every search today) SCHMIDT: Oh, very much so. FORTUNE: To what? SCHMIDT: Today, we buy and sell keywords, […] stops displaying IntelliTXT in their news stories began running IntelliTXT ads in their site in June. At the time, they were Vibrant Media’s largest client of their IntelliTXT contextual advertising program, and both and Vibrant Media received much publicity about this partnership, including in the New York Times. However, has pulled the plug on IntelliTXT on all their news […]