adMarketplace is the latest contextual advertising program

Conducive Corporation’s adMarketplace launched today, and touts itself as the first online auction marketplace for buyers and sellings of graphical ad units. Unlike many graphic ad networks, adMarketplace uses on-page content to determine what ads to display.

The adMarketplace patent-pending technology dynamically analyzes the publisher’s Web page based on HTML and meta data, content and keywords. AMP then searches its network of advertisers within the particular keyword vertical to determine the ad that best matches the page. A contextually relevant ad from the advertiser who bids the highest CPC is delivered to the publisher’s site.

ClickZ reports on the numbers of advertisers and publishers currently with adMarketplace for the launch.

The network officially launches with “thousands” of advertisers, Waltz said, most of which were recruited through direct sales. The company does get other paid ads from a third-party source, it said, but Waltz wouldn’t divulge that source. On the publisher side, adMarketplace has 60 sites signed, but Waltz said he’s bound by contract not to name them.

ClickZ reports that publishers need “several hundred thousand monthly impressions”. The adMarketplace press release includes:

Getting started with adMarketplace is simple. For publishers, adMarketplace works seamlessly with existing ad units and ad-serving systems, without getting in the way of an existing sales force. For advertisers, simply upload/create an ad, pick the targeted context, and name the price per click and budget. After the campaign begins, log in to monitor results and change anything at any time.

Because this contextual advertiser only uses graphic ads, I don’t think they will be able to grab much marketshare from the dominant AdSense in the contextual advertising market. And as Nick_W from Threadwatch stated, they definitely need to work on the spiderability of their site.

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