Black Wednesday for AdSense? Or a jump in earnings for publishers?

January 12th is the date that the new Adwords changes will take affect, that will only allow one affiliate to advertise per merchant. The impact to AdSense publisher’s revenue could be significant.

Many publishers are used to seeing many similar ads on a page that lead eventually lead to the same affiliate program. But if the one advertiser per merchant also applied to content match, this could mean a tremendous loss of ad inventory for AdSense publishers to display. And for those publishers whose sites tend to display mostly affiliate ads, the income loss could be staggering.

However, if Adwords/AdSense get together on this and allow one advertiser per keyword per merchant on the search side, yet allow as many advertisers per keyword per merchant on the content side of things, this could actually result in more advertisers opting into content. If they cannot afford the bid price in search, advertisers would still have the chance of getting click throughs in content, where it could be more affordable if all the advertisers are not trying to outbid each other for a single spot in the serps.

The official announcement by Google Adwords is rumored to be Thursday January 6th, with the one affiliate per merchant rule taking effect on Wednesday Januaruy 12th. This is an issue both advertisers and publishers need to watch closely. Depending on how this is handled, and how significant the drop in earnings is for publishers, it could represent a turning point in how happy publishers are to stick with AdSense and not try out some of the other competitors out there.

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7 comments to Black Wednesday for AdSense? Or a jump in earnings for publishers?

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  • Google

    I talked about Google making changes to how Affiliates use Adwords back in December and some people in the know say that the changes will be announced tomorrow and will be implemented next week.

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  • it official… the email i received follows.


    Google AdWords

  • AJ

    This is going to hurt…..bad.


  • What is initially going to happen is the development of FPAs (Full Page Ads) that affiliates will have to host and then send them on to the sale site.
    It is the destination URL that the system will be double checking.