Private label contextual program by Quigo

Quigo Technologies launched a private label version of AdSonar, their contectual advertising program, today.

Private Marketplace will allow publishers the ability to sell advertising on their site through the AdSonar interface, chose the advertisers that appear, and offering advertisers the ability to advertise on the sites they choose.

Quigo is also offering a different renevue split for publishers who sign up advertisers through Private Marketplace, as opposed to the rev share for those advertisers that Quigo has brought into the program. They offer full disclosure of the revenue share in the Private Marketplace Program.

Unfortunately, Private Marketplace is limited to those publishers who have at least one million page views per month. Many publishers who might have used Quigo’s new program will fall under this page view requirement.

In an interview with Quigo CEO Mike Yavonditte, Pamela Parker of ClickZ News reports that AdSonar now has a higher average bid than the $.50 a click it soft-launched with.

On The Knot, the companies set a $0.50 minimum bid price, but Yavonditte says the average price has risen considerably since the product was soft-launched two months ago.

“The average bid price seems to be around $0.70 a click, which is obviously a healthy number. The marketplace will dictate where prices will go,” he said.

Publishers who have signed onto Private Marketplace include, The Knot, iExplore, and

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