Could AdSense direct deposits be around the corner?

One of the biggest things I hear from publishers is the desire for direct deposit, rather than snail mail (or UPS for those lucky publishers) check payments. It gets brought up in the AdSense forum on a very regular basis, however, I realize the huge logistical problems that could arise with direct deposits. If it was released to just US publishers first, all the publishers in every other country would be angry that their country wasn’t included as well.

However, there are signs that direct deposit could be on the horizon. Google launched their referral program today. The most interesting thing I noted is they were accepting account details for direct deposit payments…

Could this be a sign of things to come for AdSense payments? Could this be the testing ground for direct deposits? It would be far easier to offer this to a small beta testing group than the how ever many number of thousands of US-based AdSense publishers there are.

This will be something to watch, especially as those earning referrals report back that they have successfully received payments via direct deposit for that program. We may see AdSense direct deposits yet!

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