More minor changes to the AdSense control panel

I went this evening to copy a specific part of the AdSense javascript to add to the current AdSense script I already had on a page. The script I was currently using was using a custom color set which I did not have as a saved palette, which usually isn’t a big deal.

However, I just wanted to add the
google_ad_type = “text_image”; line to test image ads on one specific part of one site. However, when I clicked inside the box, it automatically highlighted the entire javascript, and I could not select just the one line I needed to add.

A new notation was also added to the page:

Click anywhere in this box to select all code.

Yes, I realize why it is there (to remind people to cut and paste the entire javascript without modification). But it is a minor inconvenience for those of us that change little things for testing.

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