AdSense launches a new payment interface in the control panel

Once you login and click on the payment history tab, you can see the new version of the AdSense payment history control panel area.

Now, the first page is broken down into two lines per month.

The first is for the day your payment is sent for the previous month’s earnings, shown with a ($) around the figure, with a date of the payment being approved.

The second is for the total earnings for that month, showing with the date of the last day of the month.

You can click on the Earnings or the Payment link on each for further details. The earnings details show the split between Search and Content, as well as any adjustments made (if any).

The thing that caught my eye the most is under the payment details, when you click on the payment link for each month. One of the lines for each payment history is “Payment Type: Check”. This might just be a sign of future payment options to come.

Overall, it is a much cleaner interface, and the main payments page still shows $ figures. It now seems that payments will show up in the account after a check as been issued, rather than showing the “approved” a few days before the check information is shown, as is usually done.

This seems to be a rolled out update, since some are not reporting seeing the change yet, so if you are not seeing this in your account yet, try back in an hour or two.

And if you want to dive into some avid discussion of the new features, I started a thread at WebmasterWorld on the changes as well.

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