Google AdSense Bay Area Forum

The Google AdSense team held their first ever AdSense publisher forum on March 16, 2005 at the Googleplex. A group of publishers local to the Bay Area were invited to attend the evening event, and I was one of three speakers sharing their experiences with AdSense.

It kicked off with arrival in the lobby of the brand new Google Building 43, which only opened a few weeks ago. The lobby had the requisite Google lava lamps, and everyone got their own Google nametag to wear with their name and company emblazoned on it. And as you mingled in the lobby, you could watch the real time Google search queries as they were projectioned onto the wall.

The evening got off to a great start with a half hour of socializing, which allowed all the Googlers in their blue or green shirts to show off some of the new offerings on demo computers set up in the room, as well as answering questions and swapping business cards. They were quite a social bunch, listening to publisher concerns and answering plenty of questions about not only AdSense but the other products such as Blogger and Froogle as well. There were fabulously trendy munchies, even including sushi and artistically created appetizers, along with veggies and dip for the slightly less adventurous (like me!)

Kim Malone, Director of AdSense, kicked off the speaking portion of the event, going through the AdSense timeline and some of the major events along the way. She also enthusiastically discussed the new changes released the day before, particularly the new Ad Links, and showing how they worked. She also shared that many AdSense team members are also publishers as well, so they experience both sides of the program… and that she was turned down for excessive profanity the first time she applied. This obviously brought a lot of laughs from the crowd that even a top AdSense Team member can apply through the normal route and get turned down.

Next, she introduced Dr. Cheng Wu of, a website with mechanical engineers as the target market.

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35 comments to Google AdSense Bay Area Forum

  • Report on Google’s Bay Area Adsense Forum

    Jennifer Slegg, a good friend of Threadwatch and mine, has written up her experiences at Googles Bay Area Adsense Forum held at the ‘plex on the 16th. Among the speakers, Chris Piri

  • Any chance that the mentioned powerpoint will be avaible here?

  • Any chance of you posting up the power point presentation for those who didnt attend?

  • Great post Jen, would loved to have been invited to such an event – although I doubt they’ll be doing one on this side of the world any time soon!

  • mark

    Presentation for download please. 🙂

  • Any more materials about it?

  • … I went through different ways to make content specifically for AdSense,…=>

    This is allowed already? ;-))) It used to be no-no by TOS…

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    Good stuff Jen, and kudos on the ‘Plex invite.

    I was last up, and instead of talking a…

  • jim

    Perhaps the heatmap resembles the results of this study? (dated 3/1/05)

  • Joe

    Heatmap and Powerpoint downloads — pretty please…?

  • I have to agree with everyone else – where is that powerpoint presentation? I’m sure we all could really use it as well 😉

  • Google Adsense Forum

    Jensense has written an interesting account of the first Adsense Publisher Forum.

  • That was very interesting Jen. Thanks for telling us about it. Hopefully, this is the first of a series. I’d certainly like to see one in Europe.

  • Google AdSense forum

    JenSense reports about first Google AdSense publisher forum (via): The Google AdSense team held their first ever AdSense publisher forum on March 16, 2005 at the Googleplex. A group of publishers local to the Bay Area were invited to attend…

  • Yes, heat map and power point pretty please!!! I’d donate via PayPal for them.

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    Google News sued in France for displaying member only images. MSN launches the beta version of their shopping search engine. Google held a conference for AdSense publishers.

  • sheraz

    powerpoint presentation for me too.

  • Farru

    Please send your Powerpoint Presentation to me,

    Jen honestly speaking you are too good to help in Adsense.

  • Google Adsense

    after adding google adsense code in this blog, i found a great article Google AdSense Bay Area Forum by Jenstar, moderator of adsense section at Webmasterworld.

    it’s absolutely wonderful to know that goolge listens to, and cares about us publishers….

  • Jen,

    Thanks for the overview of the Adsense Forum. They should hold one out here in NY. Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your posts on Webmasterworld summarizing the changes to Adsense TOS.

    Take care,

  • Wow – way to pat yourself on the back! This is the single most amazing display of internet self-love I have ever seen. God forbid you get asked to speak somewhere again. At least a third of Google’s stock value must be attributable to you. Way to go! See you at Pubcon!

  • Hi

    I’m also interested in the powerpoint..

    Posting it online will be easier than sending it to all of us individually ;).

  • hi,

    powerpoint presentation download link would be great!

    looks like google treated you folks better 🙁

    i’m a certified google advertising professional (first 100 to be certified) and all we got is a black google cap, pen, and notebook… and we are the ones spending ours and our clients money on adwords advertising!


  • I just found this site after months at Webmasterworld.

    I’d certainly appreciate a link/email with the powerpoint presentation as well.

    Thanks for all of your incite into Adsense Jen.

  • Jerry

    Hi Jen,

    May I also have a copy of your Powerpoint notes from the Google Adsense meeting? Thanks.

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  • bill

    Powerpoint presentation for me too. Thanks very much in advance.

  • I would be grateful for a copy of the Powerpoint presentation and would gladly donate via Paypal. Just found you via Brad Fallon’s blog.


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    Brad Fallon pointed me to an essential post at Jensense about the recent Adsense forum held at the Googleplex (ref: Name your firstborn Adsense?) Its hard to believe that Adsense has only been around for 2 years; the Google guys…

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    Theres an essential post on Jensense about the recent Adsense forum hosted by Google. Its hard to believe that Adsense has only been around for 2 years; the Google guys appear to be pushing it hard. If you read the…

  • Murduch

    PowerPoint presentations suck !

  • Hi
    Great article – loved the various approaches to placement and colour. If you can be bothered sending it then I’d love the hotspot map and your powerpoint presentation
    Keep up the good work

  • Google AdSense Bay Area Forum ? March 16, 2005

    Good article posted by Jenstar about the Adsense’s event. How I wish I was there to attend such great event.

    What I love about Adsense is that it pulls related topic