New look for AdSense checks

Google AdSense earnings checks have a whole new look this month. And some have already mistaken them for being junk mail. So if you receive a larger-sized 6″x10″ white envelope, from a Buffalo, NY PO Box number but with a Brooklyn, NY postmark, have a closer look… it just might be your AdSense check you are eagerly waiting for 😉

And if you nearly threw it away, you are not alone.

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4 comments to New look for AdSense checks

  • haha – OMG, I am so glad I read this entry today, I just threw mine away LOL – I had no idea!

    Normally, I’m so careful when going through my mail…

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  • FuzzyOne

    I almost thought it was some spam, needless to say the guy in the bank asked his supervisor if it w3as legit before processing it

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