Yahoo! follows suit by adding image ads to their contextual line up

Quigo AdSonar’s “good” implementation really isn’t so good

AdSense adds heat map to their optimization tips page

AdSense has now added the heat map to their Optimization Tips page. This is the same heat map I talked about after visiting the Googleplex for the Google AdSense Bay Area Forum. Certain locations tend to be more successful than others. This

Bloggers are buzzing about AdSense beta testing in RSS feeds

AdWords adds Flash ads to its ad lineup

AdSense publishers will begin to see animated image ads in the future

Adwords advertisers now allowed to control what AdSense sites their ads appear on

Ad Links by Google has been rebranded on the one month anniversary

“Ads by Yahoo!” now “Ads from Yahoo!”

AdSense offers real time AdSense stats for publishers among other improvements