Quigo AdSonar’s “good” implementation really isn’t so good

While responding to a thread at the Search Engine Watch forums today, I was talking about the limited market areas that AdSonar currently serves, and went to the Quigo website to double check.

What did catch my eye is a link to “Examples of Good Implementation” of their AdSonar ad units. And with the exception of one of the four examples, the others I would definitely consider extremely poor placement, particularly the first one they showcase:


AdSonar ads are circled in red. This is the last place I would recommend for placing ads on a CPC basis. And it also goes against the recently released Google AdSense heat map as well.

I don’t know anyone who finds this placement successful – the entire right column looks like an afterthought for the sole purpose of placing ads, as it is placed outside the natural design of the site with the header. And that style of placement is actually the one I use in my Google AdSense presentations as the worst placement ever created 😉

Bottom line, AdSonar publishers could be making a lot more money (as could AdSonar!) if Quigo revisited those “good implementation” examples and replaced them with some that really are good – or take some advice from those experienced in contextual ad placement. It does make me wonder how many AdSonar publishers are doing poorly because they took implementation advice from those examples.

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7 comments to Quigo AdSonar’s “good” implementation really isn’t so good

  • Have you ever used You said “I don’t know anyone who finds this placement successful” Google seems to think the placement is “successful”

    The “bottom line” is you do not know if ad sonar customers could make “a lot more money”…You are pretty good at relaying facts but should probably leave the analysis to people with more experience and or insight.

  • Google uses the traditional two column design – one large and one small. This is also what the Quigo example sites use, except then they also have an additional column on the right completely *outside* the site design. It is the usage outside the design I am referring to.

    And yes, I do have the experience and insight 😉

  • Oh… you got them on the two column three column layout I see that really does make the placement horrible. Or does it? You have no way of knowing without testing. Yes you saw Google’s Heat map but that is nothing but a starting point for testing.

    If you have the experience and insight you should use it more effectively.

  • I have tested that placement, because it is a popular one, especially for sites looking to ad additional ad revenue space.

    I have done extensive testing on all variations of every placement imaginable (across many millions impressions & clicks). And my testing, across a dozen or so sites, showed that to be one of the worst placements (along with the “under the footer” placement).

    My reference to the heat map was to give a visual only. I do have my own personal heat maps I use to keep track of my testing across every site I am involved with as well, but that particular placement ranks the same as Google ranked it, hence the example.

    I definitely have the knowledge and experience to back up what I am saying, both from my own sites, and those I have worked with specifically for their AdSense placement.

  • oilman

    Chris – you seem to just like stirring the pot here. Before you go around accusing Jen of not having the knowledge or experience to back up what she posts on her own blog, tell me when the last time was that Google invited you the ‘plex to talk to top publishers, or MSN invited you to Search Champs, or Yahoo invited you to participate as a tester in their contextual beta?

    At the very least offer a counter point – don’t just say she’s wrong…

  • They should stop inviting her until she takes more time to think through her posts. This is simply a ridiculous statement

    “I don’t know anyone who finds this placement successful – the entire right column looks like an afterthought for the sole purpose of placing ads” Instead of accepting that she explains it away.

    Is this what she says about Yahoo, Google, and every other site that has them on the right hand side?

    She continues to illustrate her lack of understanding by saying she has tested millions and billions of sites making her an expert. An expert is someone who knows that until you are working on the site, testing it, understanding the goals and how it functions you can’t make blanket statements like “Bottom line, AdSonar publishers could be making a lot more money” What is a lot more money anyway? 30% more 200% more? She could have used her vast experience to tell us.

    I am not stirring the pot simply asking a person who I enjoy reading to think a little more critically before posting.

  • Jenstar is right. I once almost exclusively used the right column ad placement. Once I read Joel Comm’s book on Adsense I changed to a format similar to Google’s heatmap. I have now tripled my Adsense revenue with the new ad placement.

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