Adwords advertisers can now negative filter publisher sites

AdWords advertisers now have the ability to add AdSense publisher websites to a new tool called “Campaign Negative Sites“. This means that advertisers who have one or two websites they wish not to have their ads appear on (whether they are competitor sites or just sites they deem as lower quality) can now easily add those URLs to the filter, and their ads will no longer show on those sites, while still be able to run unaffected on all other publisher sites.

I have been a beta tester of this awesome feature, and am very happy to see it finally released to everyone – for both the advertiser and the publisher benefits. Speaking from experience, it works very well, as other advertisers will hopefully be discovering too.

As an advertiser, how should you select what sites to filter? If you have a PPC tool that calculates your ROI on individual content sites, you can exclude lower performing content sites that way.

If you do it the old fashioned way, simply scan through your logs and pull out all the content referral clickthroughs to your site, then extract the publisher page URL. And then you can do what I did – visit every single site, and select those sites you do not want your ads appearing on.

And an added benefit – you can also filter URLs for publisher sites that are not currently in the AdSense program – but if you filter them now, they will be automatically filtered should those sites join AdSense in the future. So this is a great opportunity for advertisers to be able to block all competitors if they chose to do so.

Do keep in mind that you will need to filter on a per campaign basis, so if you want to block competitors, you will need to add them to the tool on each individual campaign.

And as I commented in the current WebmasterWorld thread on this new feature, my biggest surprise was how few sites I actually ended up filtering.

I think this tool will possibly encourage more advertisers to opt-in to content, since they will have more control over where their ads are appearing on. And publishers with high quality sites will benefit as well.

On the flip side, publishers with less-than-quality sites could be hit, particularly if advertisers are opting out simply based on appearances rather than conversion data. Because some of those less-than-quality sites definitely do convert for some advertisers, even if the sites don’t appear as though they would convert very well, some publishers could filter them on looks alone while not even considering their ROI on these sites.

Another kudos goes out to Google for bringing in this long-awaited feature out of beta. They have really been stepping up the game since March, and it should pay off for both publishers and advertisers.

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6 comments to Adwords advertisers can now negative filter publisher sites

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    I haven’t used adwords in quite some time so… is it true that you can only add a limited number of url’s to your negative filter?


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