Contextual Video Advertising Launches Publisher Program Vidsense is the latest contextual advertising program to hit the market… and this one definitely has a twist. Instead of standard text ads, VidSense offers user-initiated video advertising instead. And everytime a visitor plays a video, the publisher gets a share of the advertising revenue.

You can also read their press release here.

The format features a commercial and a video. So before a visitor is able to play the video they want to see, they must watch a video commercial first. The commercials range from fifteen to thirty seconds, while the videos range from 45 seconds to a minute and a half in length.

Vidsense services pretty narrow verticles:
Humor & Entertainment, Music & Dance, Religion/Spirituality News, Top Clips, Sports, Bizarre, Politics, Animals & Nature, Science Fiction and History. It is missing major market areas, such as business and technology.

It takes 3 to 4 days for a site to be approved, which seems quite a long turnaround time, especially for a new program which should be hungry for a market share. They do not say how much publishers will earn, following the lead of AdSense. And they only accept US-based publishers.

Vidsense is part of, with much of the support documentation on the EVTV1 site instead of on the Vidsense domain. And ironically, EVTV1 is running AdSense (including on their pages that play videos), not to mention some horrible siezure-inducing animated banner ads.

Will Vidsense being a player in the contextual ad market? Because of the narrow markets it services, it will not be able to grab much of the market. But it could do well on sites that might not do as well with AdSense. However, the site seems more geared towards driving traffic to their EVTV1 site (note all the “quality content” anchor text links from the Vidsense domain), and generating their own ad revenue from that, rather than getting new publishers for Vidsense. An interesting decision.

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5 comments to Contextual Video Advertising Launches Publisher Program Vidsense

  • Vidsense should have waited till they could muster a professional launch – both websites look amateurish. I wouldn’t give my contact info to either site, let alone sign up for a program that should require financial tax information.

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  • Maybe they limited it to US-only publishers due to the knowledge of upload speeds required if any international people wanted to get involved in this. :\

  • Folks, while agree that the “look” of the video portal may not be up to snuff, the Vidsense program seems to be misunderstood.

    Vidsense is a contextual content video play…we match the video content with website content. That is why there are limited content channels at this time. Check out how the Vidsense player looks at and

    Oh, by the way, I am the CEO of the Vidsense parent company, Jaffer Ali.