New AdSense Demo & Free Gift for New Publishers

It’s been a while since a Google AdSense advertisement caught my eye, but their new ad campaign targeting potential new publishers did.


Here is a leaderboard format (shrunk down to 500 pixel width fit this page) I also came across:

Clicking through reveals a box where you must enter your URL to start the demo, and Greg, a Google AdSense engineeer literally walks you through a brief demo about how AdSense works. Very basic for current publishers, but is definitely an interesting way to do it.

The most interesting thing is that the demo will actually underlay your index page underneath Greg doing his demo.


And as a bonus, those who sign up will receive a free copy of Building Your Business with Google for Dummies.

It is a pretty cool demo, one of the best online demos I have seen. You can view it here.

These are creatives for the Google Affiliate Program, which I ironically have not been accepted into. So no, that isn’t an affiliate link above, but maybe if enough of you click, I will finally get accepted 😉

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8 comments to New AdSense Demo & Free Gift for New Publishers

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  • Can be better if they showcase some relevant ads to the URL you provided and therefore demonstrate the targetting power of Adsense.

  • It’s a cool demo!

    Do they deliver the book overseas?

  • That is a very cool demo indeed what cover’s the basic’s to get you up and running as an adsense publishers and a nice touch with the underlay of your own site

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  • Christopher St. John


    Glad you liked that demo! I was the writer on that project. (I’m an Associate Creative Director at an ad agency in San Francisco.) Getting it to show people their own web pages was kinda tough technically, but it worked out in the end. Greg is a real Google engineer, by the way. It’s unusual to use nonprofessional spokespeople in advertising, but that’s totally the way Google wanted to do it.

    To answer another question, we originally wanted to showcase ads that are relevant to the url, but it wasn’t possible technically to analyze an entire site in a few seconds. At some point in the future, that probably will become possible.

  • Hi,
    So glad people are liking the demo! I was the Art Director on the project. We were really trying for something fun and honest that we hadn