Publisher Propositions from AdSense Ad-Clickers Goes Mainstream reports about an email exchange he had with Sanjay Das, who promised him 1000+ untraceable AdSense clicks on his ads, which could be upped to 5000+ clicks if he so desired.

You can read the full account here, but this is perhaps the most amusing snippet:

My 1000+ visitors are such that each person would click all the Adsense ads on your site. Additionally I can give you IP addresses of each of my visitors to your site. This can be a way to differentiate. I don’t know how is the log of the Adsense, but I can give you a helping hand to differentiate my visitors from your visitors. All you have to do is to give me a secondary access to your logs, by either sending me the saved log page (as MHTL) or by sending me snaps of the log pages.

I bet the AdSense team would love that list of IP addresses 😉

Ralph of Fantomaster also comments:


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