Google AdSense site hijacked in the Google serps… oh the irony

When you decide to hijack a site in the Google serps, it makes sense to do one that will benefit you in some way, while not raising yourself too high on the search engine’s radar. So, it obviously makes perfect sense to go and hijack the Google AdSense site 😉


Yes, the first result for “Google AdSense” and “AdSense” goes to, which if you click it, goes straight to the Google AdSense main index page. And if you watch the redirect fast enough, you can see the page sitting pretty with a PR9. The actual Google AdSense main page is a grey bar. The Google cache of the page also shows the Google AdSense index page.

What is more, that page has managed to amass 3,040 backlinks. All of those backlinks – including internal links within the AdSense support site – are actually pointing to, even though the link command “” was used in Google.


And in fact, doing a search for the URL in Google reveals that the page is not indexed as itself, but only as US&sourceid=aso&subid=us-et-ads.


So, just for fun, lets plug into Google, and see what happens.


And suddenly, there is the extended version of the AdSense URL showing for the page listing information.

Welcome to the Google Update Bourbon 😉

Of course, there is just far too much irony in the fact a Google program’s URL has been hijacked in its own search results. Don’t wait to check, I am sure this one won’t last long! Kudos to Dotcomicide for noticing that Google AdSense no longer had the first ranking for AdSense in the Google serps… then I couldn’t resist digging a little further into why that was 😉

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46 comments to Google AdSense site hijacked in the Google serps… oh the irony

  • really amazing, but that’s the truth…

  • Google AdSense Hijacked

    Fun indeed. It seems that Google AdSense has been hijacked in the search engine results. More about this right on Google AdSense site hijacked in the Google serps… oh the irony –

  • rich

    nice find! 🙂

  • Google Adsense site hijacked

    Google’s AdSense page has been replaced by a smaller web page, showing that even a billion-dollar company can have its internet presence adversely affected by very simple methods. Jenstar reports that in a process known as “hijacking”, Google’s AdSens…

  • Google Hijacked

    Dramatic new evidence has been found today to support the theory that web pages can be ‘hijacked’ within the Google search engine. Google themselves seem to have become the latest victim. Currently, any search for the term ‘adsense’ brings up http://www….

  • Google AdSense Page Hijacked

    The other day we discussed how Google Outranked itself for Google, but now, we see some pay back. Someone was actually daring enough to page hijack the Google AdSense page. DotComicide has a screen capture and Jensense has a very…

  • Google Adsense SERP Hijacked

    This is really amazing. Someone can able to hijack SERP #1.. and it is the keyword “Adsense”!

    What a irony.

    Dotcomicide & JenSense…

  • Google’s Own Listing Gets Hijacked

    I spent yesterday sending four or five emails with a reader who couldn’t believe that search listings on Google actually could get hijacked. Yes, I told him — they do. Today, there was a great example to show him. Google…

  • lsm

    It’s still there. Here’s the source:

  • lsm

    {META HTTP-EQUIV=”Refresh” CONTENT=”0; URL=”}

  • BrianL

    And now the guy has amassed hundreds, if not thousands, of links from blogs, etc. pointing to his page. If he were smart, he’d work a deal with one of the other contextual advertising programs.

  • Google Gets Jacked?

    A search for “adsense” sans quotes turns up an interesting result, as the #1 result. (for now anyway). Patrick over at DotComicide noticed the odd result, then posted over at Threadwatch.

    Jenstar followed up with analysis h…

  • Google Adsense drops in SERPS for “Adsense”

    Jensense and others point out that a Google query for Google AdSense no longer shows Google Adsense in the #1, but rather something called The source to the hijacking page, which just refreshes itself immed…

  • Another great example of recycling SERP results (links and relevancy), this time using adsense serps. Awesome gymnastics! Ah, the power of recycling


  • Google Hijacked in their own Search Results

    Google AdSense hijacked in Google search results by a meta refresh redirect. Yahoo! offers up a paltry $5,000 prize trying to promote the new Yahoo! Q. Michael Nguyen reviews some of the features at the Exalead search engine. Daniel Brandt questions th…

  • RFM

    I know webmasters have been complaining to GOogle for quite a while about this, with Google saying it’s not that important an issue. Do you think Google will finally take action? I know that as of Tuesday night the SERP still shows the pagejacker as #1. I guess we can interpret that to mean that Google will stick to their guns in their statements that 302 redirect isn’t important.

  • Google SERP Hijacked

    JenSense reported that Google search engine result no longer rank Google AdSense site as #1 on the term adsense. Further examination point to the conclusion that someone at is hijacking the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) posit…

  • Ad Senseless

    SEO blogs are posting today about a quirk (hack?) in Google. If you search for adsense, the first result is not Google’s Adsense website. What comes up first is All-in-one-business, a Tony Robbins-esque site on getting better positioning in search en…

  • stefanjuhl

    This has actually been going on for quite a while. Spammers using a couple of different techniques to hijack pagerank. And there is also some examples of the use of these techniques along with cloaking to hijack SERP placements as with adsense.

    There is also alot of sites out there that are “adding up the pagerank and mirroring the pagerank”, so that site A and site B will have the same pagerank and a backlink check will show the exact same links. This has been possible for at least 2

  • This is amazing right in your face Google ! And the additinal links he gets from blog is good form him 🙁

  • kj

    The overblown use of “hijack” regarding this scenario is bothersome. It’s not a hijack unless regular users get something other than a 301 as well in an attempt to divert their visit. Granted, Google has always had issues deciding which URLs to show for 301, and this is certainly in the spotlight.

    Bottom line, I click on it and I get to the Google Adsense page. I was ushered, not hijacked.

  • I want to thank JenSense and others for posting this thread.

    Thanks for the comment Air Charter. I just got off the phone with two different tech writers explaining why I would have a meta redirect on my site.

    It isn’t an attempt to profit from either Google’s page rank or some cloaked affiliate link.

    I am no hijacker. In fact, I’m not sure how I could in any way benefit from this link.

    The simple fact is this: I write and syndicate articles all over the web. I used to put into those articles direct links to sites I was talking about.

    A couple years ago I had a problem when I had written and syndicated several articles about when they changed their name to Overture. There were dozens of websites to notify and ask them to update the links in my articles.

    So I decided to begin using meta refresh redirects rather than listing the URL’s directly. I can then keep the links current in all the articles I write.

    Hopefully Google will look at this and decide to make some changes so this won’t occur. It’s hard to believe I got a number 1 listing without trying.

  • Innocent website victim of Bourbon

    Googles update Bourbon is a complete mess, with quality websites loosing their search positions. This seems to be caused by Yahoo allowing RSS feeds on their search engine results, crimal organisations have taken these RSS feeds and build thousands of scrappy sites. Stealing descriptions and links from sites that rank well in Yahoo.
    In turn this have triggered Googles new trust rank pensalisation – gaining too many links too quickly. So they penalise the site being linked to from the scrappy sites.
    Ironically the scrappy sites seem mostly to be using adsense around the links stolen from the feeds.
    So all the best sites are being stripped from the Google search engine.. while Yahoo has been ranking them high.

    Yahoo is stealing Googles own search results!
    How ironic is that !

    Google has well and truely been caught with their pants down this time.

  • Domain Hijacking Hits Google?

    Maybe they’ll do something about it, then. Jensense onto it.

  • D.W

    Get ready to be slashdotted


  • Google AdSense Hijacked

    Google AdSense site hijacked in the Google serps… oh the irony – This is a good one. I think Jan said it well: When you decide to hijack a site in the Google serps, it makes sense to do…

  • oink oink, just here to eat some bandwidth.

    this really makes me want to meta a bunch of places..

    I wonder what will happen if I hijack using meta, and then change the meta’s to point at each other back and forth.. hmmm I <3 loops!

  • Hi all,

    I know Kevin and I am sure that his explanation is really what he was doing. I read his ezine as well and all the links in them go to simple meta refresh pages at his site to keep the links working.

    I do the same for all of my affiliate links. This way if one changes, I just change my web page… not hundreds of article links!

    I hope it helps him in some way and shows others that sometimes things do happen by accident.

    I don’t really like the “tone” of some of the people who refer to what happened as Kev hijacking google… I think a hijack is something done intentionally and this wasn’t.

    So maybe they should have at least asked him about it before assuming what was said on the first blog was true and placing the same comments on their blog or basing their comments on the original logs comments and not basing their comments on what really happened. 🙂

    “Techie” Teri Mramer

  • Google AdSense site hijacked in the Google serps… oh the irony

    You’ve probably seen it on slashdot already but here’s the scoop with screenshots.
    Some guy on was trumpeting some “new way” of getting PR10 for your site.. after a thread that went on for half a dozen pages …

  • Poh

    ah,indeed, awesome

  • Contrary to popular belief, I think the whole purpose behind the Google Web Accelerater was to filter out these kinds of things.

    Read more about my thoughts:

  • Google AdSense site hijacked

    a Google program's URL has been hijacked in its own search results ? This is awesome !!

  • this also happens with CGI redirects when doing a link exchange with someone you uses this type of redirect

    possibly killed a top 20 Google ranking for Search engine optmization

  • Really great post. I hope google will solve this problem finally.

  • Bard

    Great Post!!! Bookmarked you. Google is in denial and it aint just a river in egypt.

  • Google Hijack – just a big loophole

    As if Google didn’t do enough crazy things this weekend, somebody stole the top SERP position for AdSense from them. I can’t explain it nearly as well as JenSense’s Google hijack article, and the follow-up has a response from the All-In-One-Business.

  • Any Press is Good Press

    If you?re Kevin Bidwell, the now infamous small business owner of, your new found notorariety for outranking Goolge for the terms Google Adsense and Adsense might be more like ?a tempest in a teapot,? according to the veteran bu…

  • Well, as Google pointed out a while back, hijacking only happens to spammy bad-neighborhood sites. It seems Google is right again.

  • adsense all-in-one-business dot com

    Posted on Monday, May 30 @ 22:24:59 BST by bigboss

    jfs writes “JenSense, May 23, 2005, tells us about searching for adsense at google not having a google link any more in first place. ”

    by mbu on Tuesday, May 31 @ 20:32:36 BST
    One won

  • Lamasil

    Google AdSense site hi…

  • hi i work with google adsense i make about 10-20 USD daily from google

  • […] change based on media exposure. In the past many websites were hijacked by 302 affiliate links (this even happened to Google’s site, and this is still happening today to corporate sites as big as […]

  • […] change based on media exposure. In the past many websites were hijacked by 302 affiliate links (this even happened to Google’s site, and this is still happening today to corporate sites as big as […]