So what exactly is Y!Q and how does it fit in the Yahoo Publisher Network picture?

I have been getting many questions this morning about Y!Q Beta, and what this means for content publishers. In actuality, this isn’t the Yahoo! Publisher Network Beta that everyone is waiting for, but rather a promotional contest to raise awareness that yes, there will be some paid contextual placement coming up sometime in the future. But unless you win the prize with this, you will not be compensated for running Y!Q on your websites.

There is no sign yet about when YPN will finally go beta – it has not been seen anywhere but Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) employee blogs, and there has been no ETA announced.

It is fairly simple to add to your page, although it is a two step process, unlike the one-step cut-and-paste process of adding AdSense. Y!Q requires you to add both to your HEAD area and the body area of the page, which can make it trickier for those using templates. You can modify the look via CSS, which is a nice touch.

Yahoo! has also added a nice examples page, so you can see what it would look like in action.

As for the Y!Q Challenge, the rules state you are only eligible if you are a US resident, which will eliminate a large chunk of those who might have otherwise joined in. Let’s hope they don’t restrict the YPN to those residing in the US only!

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