AdSense hijack gone & the All-In-One-Business site owner speaks out

Well, doing a search for AdSense & Google AdSense right now does what it should – return the Google AdSense site in the #1 position, and with its original URL. is still in the index, but no longer ranks for the term AdSense. It is still on a meta redirect to the AdSense home page, and also shows a snippet from Google’s AdSense page. However, the cache date is still for May 21st, so it could change once a new cache is taken.

Kevin Bidwell from stopped by JenSense to explain the hows and whys of the hijacking situation.

I want to thank JenSense and others for posting this thread.

Thanks for the comment Air Charter. I just got off the phone with two different tech writers explaining why I would have a meta redirect on my site.

It isn’t an attempt to profit from either Google’s page rank or some cloaked affiliate link.

I am no hijacker. In fact, I’m not sure how I could in any way benefit from this link.

The simple fact is this: I write and syndicate articles all over the web. I used to put into those articles direct links to sites I was talking about.

A couple years ago I had a problem when I had written and syndicated several articles about when they changed their name to Overture. There were dozens of websites to notify and ask them to update the links in my articles.

So I decided to begin using meta refresh redirects rather than listing the URL’s directly. I can then keep the links current in all the articles I write.

Hopefully Google will look at this and decide to make some changes so this won’t occur. It’s hard to believe I got a number 1 listing without trying.

If it was done without trying, it sure points to some holes in the algo that allowed this situation to happen. And must be more than a little unsettling for an unsuspecting site owner to be on the receiving end of so much less-than-desirable attention, even with all the extra incoming links.

Interesting that the URL search for still returns US&sourceid=aso&subid=us-et-ads as the URL, as it did after the initial hijacking took place.

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8 comments to AdSense hijack gone & the All-In-One-Business site owner speaks out

  • Google Gets Its AdSense Back

    Looks like Google has manually edited its search engine results so that their AdSense site now once again ranks #1 in Google for the search “AdSense”. This comes after the AdSense site was inadvertently “hijacked” for most of yesterday by…

  • kj

    repeat, ‘hijack’ is a sensasionalistic misnomer.

  • Google Regains Its Hijacked Listing; This Was A Big Deal, Folks!

    Two days after it appeared, Google has finally managed to get its hijacked listing restored for queries on adsense and google adsense. Two days! And this to correct a problem it has been told about for over year, a problem…

  • No, hijack is calling it exactly what it was. I saw your earlier post. Yep, you did at this time get “ushered” to the right page. But in other cases, that could have easily have changed. Who controlled that top listing? Not Google. Not Google for two days. At any point in those two days, the other site had control.

    In other words, you got on the plane in LA. During the flight, the pilot was switched with a hijacker. That hijacker kept flying to New York as planned, but that didn’t have to be the case. He could have gone anywhere. Just because you landed in New York, did you not get hijacked?

    That listing was hijacked, the entirely correct term for it.

  • Hijacking is an intentional criminal and/or fraudulant act. I don’t see that here.

    An interesting observation, a hole in Google’s algorithm perhaps, but hijacking? No way.

  • Google Hijack – just a big loophole

    As if Google didn’t do enough crazy things this weekend, somebody stole the top SERP position for AdSense from them. I can’t explain it nearly as well as JenSense’s Google hijack article, and the follow-up has a response from the All-In-One-Business.

  • Adam Prince


    I saw your blogpage and I loves the design and format of it. With the blogs down the midle and links and stuff on the side. I am trying to make a blog page and would love to use the format of your page. I want to have contextual advertising in the blogs and banner advertising on the side of the page. Is there anyway that I can find out who designed the site and see if we can work something out to making a similar site with the same design?


  • Yahoo is cool

    Yes Yahoo is cool