Ooops! AdSense Team pitches Yahoo Publisher Network ads by mistake

If you are part of the AdSense team encouraging potential publishers to sign up for AdSense, it makes sense to lure them with example webpages actually running Google AdSense… and not the competitive Yahoo Publisher Network ads. Yet that is exactly what happened to David Galbraith when Google tried pitching AdSense to him.

“Here’s an example of how is using AdSense: (you may need to hit refresh to see the ads load)”

However, it is first not really that great they are sending you to an example page where you need to refresh multiple times just to see the ads – why give the potential publisher the idea of doing it themselves, rather than having them displayed 100% of the time.

And when you finally get them to load, after refreshing a few times, instead of the presumed AdSense, you see:

Yahoo bought Flickr a couple of months ago, and at the time I speculated that Flickr would make the switch to YPN ads from AdSense. And they have since made the change… although someone forgot to tell the AdSense Team 😉

Added: Flickr seems to be on a rotation, dividing page views among no ads, Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network ads. Still the question is why promote AdSense to potential publishers on a page that may not show the ad product you are putching… and worse, may show your competitor’s contextual ad product instead.

The other interesting thing to note is that the Yahoo ads don’t seem to be utilizing the usual YPN javascript ad code that most sites use, and instead appear to be hardcoded with Overture URLs.

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3 comments to Ooops! AdSense Team pitches Yahoo Publisher Network ads by mistake

  • It seems the AdSense ads are back though…but that is still pretty funny…

  • Isn’t it now against the Adsense TOS to run any other contextual advertising on your entire site??? Altho the updated TOS didn’t require a click to accept the new terms this time(testing?), Flickr is in violation of those terms…

  • Paul

    Ever notice how the ‘net blurs the distinction between “competitor” and “partner”? Remember when Google was an up-and-comer and suddenly Y! queries bore a “powered by Google” logo??

    Y! is still buying Adsense ads and even Gmail, a service of Google, powered by Adsense ads, of course, carries ads for other email services. (maybe that just says Google learned something from U.S. v. Microsoft)

    but then there’s the meta-searchers: do G, Y!, AJ, etc. view as partner or competitor?

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