Meet the Google AdSense engineers at WebmasterWorld Search Conference

If you are attending the WebmasterWorld Search Conference from June 21-24, 2005 in New Orleans, you have the opportunity to Meet the Google Engineers… including both AdSense and AdWords engineers.

Google is excited to announce that a team of our top ads and search
engineers will be participating in a Google-hosted cocktail reception
and roundtable Q/A on Wednesday evening at the Webmasterworld
conference. These engineers span a wide range of projects including
AdWords, AdSense, and Google Web Search. Some of their recent
accomplishments include Site-Targeted Campaigns, AdSense for Feeds,
AdLinks, AdWords Smart Pricing and of course continually improving
search quality. They’ll be happy to share their expert opinions with
you on Google, the industry, and key technologies reshaping search and
monetization online.

The evening event is being held on Wednesday, June 22 from 6-8pm and is free for all conference attendees, but you need to RSVP first. And you will be required to show your full conference badge to attend.

If you attend, you will also have the opportunity to hear me speak – I will be on the Contextual Advertising for Publishers panel as well as Peaceful Coexistance: Writing for the Search Engines, both on Tuesday, June 21st.

Wednesday morning features Contextual Advertising Program Issues where reps from Google AdSense, ContextWeb, Kanoodle and Quigo have the opportunity to showcase their contextual programs and talk in depth about their product as well as the future of their programs.

I will be there for the full conference, so don’t hesitate to stop me and say hi as you see me out and about during week.

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