Yahoo advertisers get longer descriptions with YPN ads

Yahoo Publisher Network ads feature an extra perk for advertisers than Google AdSense does not offer. Advertisers will see their ads on content sites with extra long descriptions, which appear when the mouse is rolled over the ad within the YPN ad unit.

Some screenshot examples from three different blogs running YPN ads (the mouse pointer does not show up when taking screenshots).




As you can see, the description is quite lengthy in comparison to the Yahoo ads appearing on the Yahoo search results as well as to the advertiser descriptions shown on Google AdSense ads. The mouseover also has an IntelliTXT feel to them. They are particularly noticeable on the banner ad sized ad unit, where there is only one line of description, compared to the two lines of description that Google AdSense shows on the same ad unit size.

However, from a publisher point of view, there is a downside. Without the YPN mouseover pop-up, some visitors might have clicked those ads. But when a visitor mouseovers them and gets the fuller description, that person might not click the ad if the fuller description reveals that the site might not actually be what he or she is looking for. Good for advertisers but bad for publishers who want to increase the liklihood that visitors will click the ads… within the AdSense and/or Yahoo terms, of course 😉

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