Premium Publisher Perks from AdSense

When you have 20 million page views per month, or 5 million searches (and some of these requirements are lowered for other languages and countries) you qualify for the Premium Publisher program from Google AdSense. However, there has not been much said about the less-obvious premium perks, leaving a lot of mystery surrounding just what premium publishers get that regular publishers are missing out on.

Some of the “perks” premium publishers get include many alternative styles and sizes of ad units from the ones the regular publishers have access to. And many of the new features publishers have received were first tested by the premium publishers.

The official list published on the AdSense site includes these features for premium publishers:

  • Google sales representative and account manager
  • Flexible ad formats
  • Advanced filtering
  • Optimization assistance
  • Additional monetization options
  • Enhanced technical support

The Google AdSense webinar also revealed additional details regarding the “additional monetization options”, namely the revenue share and earnings details of premium publishers, and why it is desirable to become a premium publisher once you qualify.

Phoebe Ho, a member of the Google AdSense Optimization Team answered a question about the premium program versus the regular publisher program.

And then for your second question regarding the premium program, they do have a few requirements that you kind of had mentioned. And they do have a few different features that are available to them.

Basically, there’s a process of kind of agreeing from both parties in a contract and making an agreement both from your side and saying how much percentage of the site might have ads and also on our side.

The publisher then asked for clarification:

So I’m assuming that it’s just a custom rev share contract? It changes the revenue. It would make a different amount of money than with regular AdSense because with regular AdSense we don’t control the percentage of the rev share. So premium AdSense, from what I’m understanding from your answer, premium AdSense allows rev share negotiation?

Phoebe then replied that yes, it is correct.

It is a nice little insight for those working towards premium publisher level, or those who just want to know more about these often talked about perks, especially the super-secretive revenue share and earnings terms for premium publishers.

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