AdSense updates their terms & policies

AdSense updated their terms as well as their policies today, July 14, 2005. And here is your complete update and rundown of all the changes, and what they mean to you.

First, let’s deal with the terms.

The first change is in the bolded capitalized text immediately following “Google AdSenseTM Online Standard Terms and Conditions”. The last line in the section has a new clause added to it, which is bolded below.


1. Program Participation
Some changes have been made to this section, partially in response to the new AdSense for Feeds that is currently in beta.

The following clause has been removed:

(each a “Site”) using Google’s advertising serving and search technology

And in its place, the following regarding AdSense for Feeds has been added:

and the Atom, RSS, or other feeds distributed through such Web site(s) (each such Web site or feed, a “Site”). For the avoidance of doubt, any reference in this Agreement or the Program Policies to an individual

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17 comments to AdSense updates their terms & policies

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  • Thanks for going through the gobbeldygook, so I didn’t have to. That makes me very happy!

  • Google AdSense Updates Terms & Conditions

    Jensense provides an excellent point by point account about what exactly was updated in the Google terms and policy. I wonder how they keep track of such changes to an exact letter.

  • Thanks for making heads or tails of all of that. A friend saved a copy of the recent version, but he didn’t have the old version to compare it to. Looks like you did and now we all know what has changed and what it all means.

  • Thank you for your effort. I bumped agains the new terms today, and before accepting I when to bloglines, got your feed, and clicked to your site to see this post. Now that I see that everything is ok, I’ll accept the contract with much more confidence.

    Very useful. It’s not for nothing that you’ve become the AdSense resource.

  • I’m wondering about section 6…

    …Google reserves the right to terminate without notice any account that has not generated a sufficient number of valid clicks on or valid impressions of Ads (as measured by Google) for a period of two (2) months or more…

    Any ideas on the criteria for this? I don’t currently get huge numbers of impressions or clicks, though collectively across all my sites its probably acceptable.

  • I’m curious about the minimum clicks and/or impressions as well. Any idea what “a sufficient number” would be?

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  • Just what I was looking for!!

    When I tried to sign in yesterday (or the day before?) to view my reports, I noticed that before I could proceed, they required reviewing the Terms of Service, stating that changes had been made. I wanted to look online, to see if I could find info about these changes… I actually used a Yahoo! News search, and followed the first result to this piece from yesterday:

    It is unfortunate to see that that entry states that “drastic changes” have been made; I am one who typically does not like change (and this is true for websites), but according to that AdJab entry, the changes have made things “quite a bit less user-friendly.” I wasn’t aware that there were interface changes, in addition to the Terms of Service changes; for the immediate moment, I’m more interested in understanding the latter. Thanks so much for this entry! I found your weblog via “Problogger”s entry about this topic, which I found from “The Blog Herald,” which I found via that aforementioned “AdJab” piece.

    It is incredible that there are so many friendly sources of good information, that become available so very soon after an event has occurred, and that they are readily accessible, at our fingertips… I guess that’s why they call it the Information Age!

    I haven’t read through this entry yet, but it seems thorough and comprehensive. Thank you for providing exactly the information that I needed. I don’t think I have any web technology-focused weblogs on my blogroll, but because of this, I think ‘JenSense’ may become the first. Keep up the good work!

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