New case study released by Google AdSense

If you like seeing what you can learn from the AdSense case studies, AdSense has released a new one today, for In an unusual move, AdSense has selected a much smaller-scale publisher for their latest case study.

Entrepreneur Darren Carter, M.D. created a company in 2001 to sell software and other products for medical coding and billing processes, an increasingly important task for medical practices of all kinds. His company, Medical Coding.Net, is today a wholly owned subsidiary of Provistas, Inc., which provides Medicare compliance solutions to hospital and physician-practice clients. Medical Coding.Net receives a qualified professional audience of about 500 unique visitors each day.

The CTR listed is a “healthy 3.6%” although it would have been interesting to know the variations between the forum CTR and the rest of the site, since highly viewed forums can definitely skew the CTR. Carter comments that he is “very pleasantly surprised at how well targeted” the forum ads are, something that some webmasters complain of.

You can find the new case study here as HTML or here as PDF.

And as a side note, they also finally updated some new stories on the main case studies and news page with two new articles, one from ClickZ and one from Mediapost.

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2 comments to New case study released by Google AdSense

  • If I had a site that small with that few links I would not want Google mentioning my site unless they were linking through.

  • Anonymous

    Well, whaddya know?

    AdSense showcases a site that blatantly stuffs keywords into the HTML through UDM comments. Does this mean it’s okay to do it, or did G just miss it?

    Jen, I encourage you to mention this so that Google will take a look at it, and either boot the site (telling us that keyword stuffing isn’t allowed), or keep the site (giving keyword stuffing the a-okay). Google obviously reads your blog, so if you bring this up, we can all learn a lot.


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