New user interface for AdSense publishers

Google AdSense has retired their old user interface for a brand new – and very slick – new UI. Released today as part of their major rolling update today (along with the new terms & policies I discussed earlier) the new UI has been praised by many publishers.

When you login, you are greated with a reports overview page which includes your today’s earnings in a nice big green font near the top. Directly underneath that is a link to payment history, which will be convenient for those eagle-eyed watchers who want to know the instant their payments are approved.

And below that is a nice quick overview of aggregate stats for both AdSense for Content as well as AdSense for Search, so they can now both be viewed easily from a single page. You can also custom change the date for this overview, which includes today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month and last month.

There are also quick links to a variety of frequently-used reports for both search and content, with html version links as well as download csv version links. The following are available as quick reports for AdSense for Content as well as Search:

This month, by day
This month, by channel & day
Last month, by day
Last month, by channel & day

You can also select tabs for more detailed options of Advanced Reports – Ad Performance and Advanced Reports – Search Performance, both which resemble the old style reports page. But now you only see the channel selections if you specifically select the “channel data” radio button, otherwise you will not see the channel boxes at all.

There are color scheme changes throughout the user interface, and the infamous “AdSense blue” has been replaced by a lighter version of the color.

A few unfortunate glitches did occur. The AdSense stat checkers (automated third-party programs that alert you to updated earnings) broke with the change of the new UI. Second, the new fancy Getting Started with AdSense demo that was just released will need to be changed to reflect the new UI changes.

Overall, the new user interface is a welcome surprise to many publishers… and most of those who do not like it will probably like it more once their AdSense revenue checkers have been updated to reflect the changes 😉

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