The “Ads by Google” spam reporting page has a new look

Clicking on the “Ads by Google” was recently announced by Matt Cutts as a way to report publishers for terms violation, and was announced shortly after by me as a way to report click fraud. Now, the page you land on when clicking “Ads by Google” has a new look.

Missing are the advertiser links which you can check the box for. And the actual report layout has now changed.


You can choose:
General feedback for Google
Appropriateness of ads
Web page showing these ads
Report a violation

Report a violation could by used for any number of reasons.

One downfall to the new layout is that publishers cannot easily click the “Ads by Google” to easily grab the URL of an advertiser they wish to filter, buy kamagra online since they are no longer shown on the end page. And the preview tool does not allow cutting and pasting of URLs in its current interface. So to get a URL to filter, a publisher must either right click the ad to extract the URL from the properties (and with it comes an increased risk of accidental clicks) or use the preview tool, then click on the advertiser URL. This will open the advertiser’s page and the publisher can then cut and paste the URL from the address bar.

Since they went to the trouble of changing the layout (the first major redesign done since AdSense launched) their “report a publisher” program must be working well beyond expectations.

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