Look inside my YPN beta account with control panel screenshots

Yahoo has given me permission to show off some of the control panel features, so live vicariously through me and you can get a peek of what exactly is behind the login, even if you don’t have a YPN account.

Here is the screen you see when you login (click all thumbnails to see the true to live screenshot size – this one you will need to scroll down on the screenshot to see the entire thing). You see your daily balance, your running totals, as well as various announcements. See the handy “Estimated as of…” under the daily total. Sorry, I have removed all my specific earnings data to be in compliance with the YPN terms.


And you will see this at the top of all your control panel pages, you can see the various tabs. I didn’t include this in most of the screenshots to keep the size down.


If you are a new publisher, your next stop is going to be the Ad Setup tab. You can see how I ended up with two color templates named “jensense” that I mentioned in my first review of the YPN beta.


And this is what you see when you click “Customize Color Palette”. You can see the radio buttons I mentioned that have to be selected before modifying that particular color.


And of course you can create channels – although only 50 active at a time. YPN offers both “tracking categories” (ala the custom channels that AdSense offers) and URL channels.


And if you are so included to block any of your competitor’s ads.


Here is the reporting page, you can see exactly what metrics are included in your reporting page, and note the “Download Performance Report”. Again, in compliance with the terms, I can’t show you data, but all that is missing is the specific dates and figures.


Here is payment screen, where it shows another of the unique features to YPN, the ability to transfer from YPN to the search marketing account. My login is different with the two programs, so you won’t see specific details for transfering.


Lastly, is the Content Setup tab, which shows some of the other product offerings from Yahoo! that publishers can utilize on their sites (albiet without any monetary compensation).


The account information & tax information tabs are pretty standard, but I didn’t include them since they have all my personal info.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of the YPN control panel :)

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