AdSense for Search now offers keyword reporting

If you are utilizing AdSense for Search and tracked exactly what people were searching for, you know it was a workaround tracking system that enabled you to see exactly what people were searching for. You would have to enable a custom logo at the top of the AdSense for Search results, and then go log hunting to see the referral string of what page called your custom logo image. Then you would have to extract the keywords from the Google search URL. Now, AdSense for Search makes it easy with a brand new “Top Keywords” report in your AdSense control panel.

Wondering what your users are searching for on your site? There’s now an AdSense for search Top Queries report that will let you do just that. This new report shows you what your users are looking for, by listing the 25 most common searches conducted through your AdSense for search boxes. Use this report to identify additional topics to add to your site, or to keep track of your most sought-after information. Visit our support center to learn more about AdSense for search.

The report will only track those search queries where at least two searches were performed. And it will only display the top 25 results for your chosen date range. But it is definitely a step in the right direction and an extremely helpful tool for those publishers who found the custom logo image workaround too much work to bother with.

To view your Top Queries report, you can click on the “Top Queries” link in the Quick Reports of the AdSense overview page, or you can access them by clicking on the link to “Advanced Reports – Search Performance”.

If you want to track unique searches (those searches performed only once) or searches beyond the top 25 threshold, you will still need to track the referral URLs from where your custom image is called. But for those who want a quick overview, this tool is a great addition to AdSense for Search, and the first major change to AFS since it originally launched.

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5 comments to AdSense for Search now offers keyword reporting

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