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How to ensure your AdSense account will not be cancelled

Since more and more publishers are worried about being suspended from AdSense, and it seems like even more publishers claim they “didn’t know” the rules because they didn’t read the terms and/or policies, the AdSense team has created a brand new top ten list of what to do (and not to do!) to ensure your […]

iVillage drops Google for Yahoo sponsored listings

In a highly publicized move, iVillage has decided to drop Google sponsored listings for Yahoo, starting September 1st. iVillage will replace its existing Web search listings with results generated by Yahoo! Search, enabling iVillage visitors to benefit from access to the billions of Web pages in the Yahoo! search index. The Web search results will […]

Inside AdSense blog launched by the AdSense team

Following in the footsteps of Inside AdWords, the AdSense team just launched their very own blog, so you read it here first You can look forward to posts around 2-3 times a week from an assortment of Googlers involved in the operation of AdSense

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