Running Red Cross donation ads for your AdSense alternate ad

The Red Cross is appealing to bloggers and site owners to add donation ads to websites. In addition to donating your web space for the various banners, you can also add the Red Cross donation banners as your AdSense alternate ad to help with the relief effort for victims of Katrina.

To do that, here are the complete step by step instructions on what to do. First, you need to select the Red Cross ad that corresponds with the same image size as your AdSense ad unit. Images are available in the following ad sizes:

  • 1. 468 x 60 banners
  • 2. 120 x 60 banners
  • 3. 250 x 250 banners
  • 4. 200 x 600 banners
  • 5. 120 x 600 banners
  • 6. 336 x 280 banners
  • 7. 150 x 400 banners
  • 8. 160 x 600 banners

Then submit the form, and it will give you the banner ad code you need. There is no need to save the graphic to your own server. Take the code and paste it into a plain your pharmacies webpage document and save it (ie. psa.html or redcross.html)

Then, you can go and generate new AdSense javascript in your control panel, or you can add this line underneath your publisher ID line in the javascript you already have on your webpage:

google_alternate_ad_url = “”;

Be sure to change the URL to the exact URL your Red Cross ad code is on. Then upload the page you placed the ad code on, along with all the pages you have added the new alternative ad to the javascript.

Hopefully many AdSense publishers will chose to help the Red Cross by running these ads as their alternate ad, or donate separate ad space as well.

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