AdSense stat junkies be warned

AdSense will be doing some maintenance on Thursday, September 8, 2005 and stats won’t be updating for six hours beginning at 12pm PST (aka “AdSense time”) / -8 GMT. Of course, ads will continue to serve and you will see a nice jump in your earnings around 6pm PST.

The Inside AdSense blog also discusses this, and refers to AdSense stat junkies as suffering from G.A.S.S. – Google AdSense Stats Syndrome. Symptoms of GASS include the compulsion to check stats every 15 minutes to see how much more money has been made.

Sufferers face strong withdrawal when separated from a PC with Internet access and have been known to experience mild abdominal discomfort and general irritability.

Will I be suffering? Nope… I generally check my stats once or twice a day to check my daily earnings, although I may login more frequently for other reasons on occasion (such as getting a week’s worth of channel data I am testing something on). How often do you check your stats and will you be suffering from GASS 😉

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6 comments to AdSense stat junkies be warned

  • I use the adsense plugin for firefox so I am updated continually through the day.

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  • Google Adsense pausiert f?r 6 Stunden

    Leute mit G.A.S.S. – Google AdSense Stats Syndrome sollten sich heute vorsehen, da Google aus Wartungsgr?nden die sichtbaren Statistiken f?r 6 Stunden nicht aktualisiert.


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  • I check my stats far to aften. The Firefox adsense plugin is a great little add on though. Now I don’t have to login all I need to do is take a quick glance at the bottom of the browser window for up to date stats.

  • Christine

    That plugin sounds cool. I need to get it.

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