Ooops? Single clause silently added back into the AdSense policies

When I did the Google AdSense Policies update last month, I noticed the clause “No Google ad or search box code may be pasted into any software application” had been removed. Now it looks like that section under “Client Software” might have been removed since it has now been returned to the policies.

That particular clause was originally added in August 2004, over a year ago. Primarily, it was meant to restrict software programs that rendered html pages in the program from displaying AdSense. Kazaa was one such software that displayed AdSense within the interface on a webpage in the browser-like window. eBook authors were also placing AdSense within their .exe ebooks, since those types of ebooks are designed using live webpages on the web that could theoretically be updated at any time, which resulted in the end user’s ebook automatically updated.

When the clause was originally removed last month, I thought it was odd it was removed, but I could not determine why that was. Since it has been added back in – and is the only change made to the policies since the update last month, and because the date remains the same on the policies page, it was likely an oversight that it was not returned to that section when it was rewritten to cover poor traffic sources as being against the policies.

Update: Kudos to Never_again for noticing this small change, forum discussion in this WebmasterWorld thread. The original person I cited took Never_again’s post word for word and posted it on Digital Point – true kudos go to Never_again for spotting the change.

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1 comment to Ooops? Single clause silently added back into the AdSense policies

  • Never_again

    It is interesting that HoT_CoFFe’s post is an exact duplicate of my post to WW — not that I would worry much about it, but you would think they would at least change some of the wording :-).

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