Google Earth, National Geographic… and Yahoo Ads?

I was catching up on the Google Blog and was reading about the new National Geographic overlays on Google Earth. Thinking my daughter will love this, I fire up my copy of Google Earth to see it in action.

Since this is a partnership with Google, if I was expecting to see ads, I would bet they would be either in-house ads or Google ads. So I was more than a little surprised when I clicked one of the National Geographic links and when the content appeared in Google Earth’s lower right window, Yahoo / Overture Content Match ads were covering a good portion of that window.

Here is the screenshot (click for the full-size version):

There is nothing quite as amusing as seeing a Google program with Yahoo / Overture ads being so prominently featured… with nary a Google ad to be seen. And I wonder how long before they are approached by Google to see what they can do about getting those ads switched to Google’s ads instead.

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