Enhanced AdSense interface launched on Blogger

Blogger has just launched a new AdSense interface for bloggers on the Google Blogger/BlogSpot network, announced today on the official Blogger Buzz.

It features a new tab within the control panel where bloggers can sign up for AdSense as well as manage their AdSense placement and options for the ads that will appear on the blog. This makes it just about as easy as can be for bloggers to sign up for a new AdSense account.

One unique feature of this new integration is that you can preview the placement before it goes live, changing ad units and ad styles on the fly… all without ever having to touch the HTML code or the AdSense javascript.

Click to view full-sized screenshot:

Another unique feature is that in addition to the regular Google AdSense color palettes offered within the account, bloggers can also select “Match Template” or “Blend Template”. While some of the Match Template color combinations are on the garish side, a few of the blend templates are not too bad, but still not as “blended” as I would make them for the highest CTR.

You can also select “Custom” from the drop down template menu, and supply your own colors (click the screenshot below for full-size), although there is not the built in color picker available as there is in the regular AdSense control panel.


This easy integration also limits the ad sizes and styles as well:

  • 234×60 Half Banner
  • 468×60 Banner
  • 300×250 Rectangle
  • 250×250 Square
  • 180×150 Small Rectangle
  • 125×125 Button
  • 120×90 Button Link Unit
  • 200×90 Wide Button Link Unit
  • 468×15 Horizontal Row Link Unit

And the placement is identical on all the templates – below the blog title, but above the first entry, which is probably the best AdSense placement for these blog templates. They do offer another help page on adding AdSense to the sidebar, but note that this is not available via the instant integration option in the control panel.

It is interesting to note that it automatically defines the resulting javascript to show text ads only, and not image ads. Perhaps this option will be available for bloggers at a later time.

Bloggers with limited HTML experience should be warned… once you add AdSense via the instant integration option, you are not able to remove it unless you delete it via the HTML code under the template tab’s “edit code”.

More information on adding AdSense to Blogger is here.

Added: Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch.

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9 comments to Enhanced AdSense interface launched on Blogger

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  • Wally

    No – it is not in germany :-((
    Do you think, it will come?

    But that is good. I want to try this but can not.

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    If you have a Blogspot/Blogger account and you’re looking to cash in on your site’s traffic, you’re in luck. Bloggers can now signup for an Google AdSense account and manage their ad placement and options via a new tab within the Blogger control panel….

  • Wally

    Yes Jojo, that is all true.
    But you know what happened? I changed the language (at the bottom) from german to US English and it worked!!

    But I changed it now back. I have tried this all, and I think, that is only for beginners or so. Because I can place only ONE ads with this bloggertool! and the rest I have to do manually. So I dont need that 🙂
    You can forgett it.

    Jojo, your website content looks on the first glance very interesting, I want to read it all now! Thanks for that great Link!
    bye, Wally

  • Can sombody help me, install adsense on my web page, I,ve been trying about a month, and have not had any success at install it

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