Google AdWords launches their own forum at Google Groups

The Google AdWords team has decided to launch their very own AdWords support forum for advertisers, not surprisingly hosted at Google Groups.

Blake of the AdWords Team announced the official public launch on the Inside AdWords blog this week.

Recently, the AdWords team built an online forum in which AdWords advertisers may search or browse for answers, ask questions, and assist others with AdWords — 24/7. It is our fondest hope that a strong and vibrant community of AdWords advertisers will grow there and enjoy each other’s company while sharing their knowledge and skill.

This new forum, called AdWords Help, may be found on Google Groups. And if the idea of helping others — while also learning from them — excites you at all, you’re cordially invited to join. We’ve quietly grown to just over 125 members now, and we thought it was time to mention AdWords Help to a wider audience. You’ll be getting in right at the start of something good, should you decide to join us.

And as in the case of the many webmaster forums online, AdWords Help also has an official Google AdWords team member posting answers for advertisers, who goes by the name of AdWordsPro. The posting is slow right now – although the membership has more than doubled in size since it was announced on the Inside AdWords blog earlier this week.

Also to watch is any impact this new forum has on existing webmaster forums for AdWords. There could be the possibility of advertisers preferring to go to an “official” forum, rather than an unofficial one – even the unofficial ones with official Google representation, such as the WebmasterWorld AdWords forum with the very prolific AdWordsAdvisor posting regularly.

It is also too bad that there wasn’t some differentiation on the groups for member experience, such as members who are an AdWords Professional get the logo next to their names. Unlike on traditional style forums, you cannot see user profiles of members nor how many posts a member has made in order to judge how much weight any advice posted should be given.

It will be interesting to see if AdSense will also launch a support forum as well. There is a private Google Groups for AdSense I discovered, but not sure if it is an official Google one or one set up by an AdSense fan. I am sure publishers will be watching to see if a similar announcement by the Inside AdSense blog is made sometime in the future.

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