Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) out of beta for Google AdSense

When you login to your account today, you will see that there is a new update for September 2005. This month is just a short announcement about EFT finally going out of beta.

Electronic Funds Transfer is ready for the big-time! We’ve been working hard on our payment system, and with our thanks to the thousands of AdSense publishers who took part in our beta test, we’re now ready to bring EFT out of beta.

Publishers who have already received payments through EFT don’t need to do anything

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2 comments to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) out of beta for Google AdSense

  • Jimmy

    The EFT process is almost the same to any modern country with advanced on- and offline banking system.

    That’s why I can’t understand why Google has left Finland, a country with perhaps the most modern banking system (online, offline, wired, wireless, you name it) in the world, off their list of EFT countries.

    And because sending cheques is so antiquated system and rarely used in nordic countries (due to the high percentage usage of highly modern and efficient EFT systems), the fees associated with using cheques are outrageous.

    So instead of improving the functionalities of the now out-of-beta EFT system, Google should concentrate on getting EFT as the standard to *any* country with modern banking system.

  • Unfortunately for us Aussies they have left out Australia too.


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