Google AdSense begins reissuing checks for affected publishers

I have spoken with Google and received the latest update on the payment issue. Google AdSense has confirmed that they will begin reissuing payments to those publishers who have been affected with the AdSense versus AdWords issue.

If you have contacted Google about getting your check re-issued, they will be cancelling your payment and re-issuing a new one today – you should see it on the payment screen in your control panel. It will be sent within the next 7 days via DHL. From their email to publishers:

A new check will be mailed to you within one week to the payee name and address associated with your AdSense account. In order to speed up the delivery of your payment, we will send your check via DHL express delivery, at no additional cost to you

They are not doing a blanket issue to all publishers affected because many were able to cash their checks or receive their payments from the address in their AdWords account, so they do not want to cancel any payments legitimately cashed by the publisher.

If you haven’t requested reissue and you were affected, you can send a reissue request now.

If you were affected, you would have already received an email identical to the one here. If you did NOT receive one, you are not affected and there is no need to contact Google if you haven’t received your payment yet… your mail service is just a bit slower 😉

Google has also confirmed this will not happen again.

A few people have asked why I was so critical of Google’s initial decision to wait until the following month to reissue those payments. Of course, none of those who asked were directly affected by it 😉 But I thought it was an important issue that needed to be resolved so that publishers were happy with the fix.

I am one of those people that know mistakes are going to happen. Those who have been with AdSense since the fall of 2003 were faced with a situation where October earnings payments were sent a couple of weeks late, meaning payments many were expecting to arrive by the beginning of December didn’t show up until much later. But the next payment, which was for November earnings and would be expected the beginning of January, Google surprised us all by sending checks out a couple of weeks early, meaning they arrived a week before Christmas. Many of us viewed that as their way of making peace, because there were a lot of cranky publishers waiting for their Christmas shopping money.

So my issue wasn’t the fact they made a mistake. Even Google is human, so to speak. Mistakes have happened in the past, and I am sure they will happen in the future. But it isn’t so much the mistake that makes the impression but how they correct it.

Looking back on the Christmas season 2003, I bet more publishers are likely to remember the “feel good” of getting the November earnings payment early, rather than the reason we suspect those payments were sent early.

Even though my check was not affected by this, I am extremely pleased to see Google step up and do the right thing and get these checks reissued so publishers aren’t waiting until the following pay cycle. And extra points for sending the reissued payments out via DHL, to also speed up the delivery process. Mistakes do happen, but as I said, it is how they correct them that is often more important than the mistake itself. And Google came through with a good solution for all those publishers affected.

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