Problems with rotating YPN with AdSense?

Since Tim Flight wrote that rotating YPN & AdSense was a bad idea, I have had plenty of emails and instant messages on the subject.

This is a problem I have not had whatsoever, and I have been rotating AdSense & YPN on JenSense for quite a while now. I have it set to rotate per page view per person (so while you will hit reload and see the the same ad program, the next person to hit the page would see the other ad program). And stats show page views are pretty evenly split between the two.

But when Tim phoned support and chatted with an engineer, this is what he found:

So the next logical question was why am I getting PSAs on YPN? After having a few of the YPN engineers look at my site they figured out the reason it was getting PSAs was because I was rotating pageviews between YPN ads and AdSense ads. Basically the YPN bot that crawls pages to determine the content was getting confused because the page content was constantly changing and the YPN ads were there one second and gone the next. So each time a YPN ad was displayed it triggered a new

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5 comments to Problems with rotating YPN with AdSense?

  • Tim

    I’ve posted an update, and what the solution was at the link you posted in the first paragraph.

  • About Rotating AdSense and YPN

    just posted something perpetuating the idea that some
    types of rotation between AdSense and YPN may

  • layover

    I run YPN exclusively on my site, and find tons of ads for Vonage, Comcast and others….I too am using phpAdsNew.

    I am not rotating between YPN and AdSense.

    For seems that Google just does a much better job targeting ads than Yahoo! I probably got 3x the clicks when I ran AdSense…..but payout is almost 3x more with YPN, so I am running with YPN for now.

  • Anyone have any ideas why one of the most popular pages on my site ( ) is only showing YPN RON ads? (Other pages on this domain are showing relevant ads with no problem.) It’s been like this for days now…

    Thanks for any help!


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    Blogware support has stated that I couldn’t implement rotation of these contextual advertisements do to the way their service works. This wasn’t a big surprise to me. Since all the instructions I’ve seen indicate that you would have to be running or ha…

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