Easier way to login to your YPN account

If you are like me, you probably find it annoying that you can’t simply go to and login to your YPN account from there. Instead, you need to navigate to in order to see the login page.

It was one of those pesky things that a few publishers had commented on to me, but something that I just never seemed to remember to mention to the YPN team… until today when I had to login while on the phone to them…

So the YPN team has put in a request to the powers-that-be to add a noticeable login link on the main But in the meantime, if you click the Yahoo! Publisher Network ad on the top left, it will take you directly to the YPN login page.

Now if only I had thought to mention how much I wish I could change my YPN password in the control panel from the one I was issued when I joined 😉

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