Brand new AdSense Case Studies added!

A new selection of Google AdSense case studies has been added to Google’s case study page… and one has been removed.

The latest entries included on the official AdSense case study page include:

Ask the Builder – a publisher featured on one of the AdSense webinars

Weblogs Inc – recently featured on Inside AdSense, and a publisher I interviewed a few months ago. – A site in the same network as the popular by Robin Liss.

The AdSense case studies have also been split into beginner and Advanced, with the three newly added case studies joining ScienceDaily as advanced. The remainder now appear as beginner. It is nice to see AdSense now offering case studies that go far beyond the general case studies that appeal to beginners. The recent EngineeringTalk case study is an excellent example as well, primarily discussing how designing a site around the AdSense ads can work well.

Also, is noted to now be missing from the lineup. I recently noticed that it was no longer running AdSense prominently, so it isn’t surprising that is is no longer featured. Hopefully AdSense will change the small screenshot on the main AdSense page to a different site now.

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3 comments to Brand new AdSense Case Studies added!

  • Cool to see Tim Carter as a case study! He is a friend of mine and I featured his ebook in the first edition of “What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense” way back in Jan. 2005. Does this mean I am ahead of the curve? 😉

  • Doh.. meant to say “featured his SITE”… though Tim DOES have some fantastic ebooks on home repair. I’d call him before Bob Villa any day!

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