Full rundown on new AdSense Terms changes

No earth shattering changes to the AdSense terms this time, which all publishers will be required to accept when you login to your account next, if you haven’t already. Also, be sure to check the updated policies, released last night.

Most of the changes this time were made to accomodate the brand new AdSense referral feature.

1. Program Participation

Slight changes made to include reference:
Google referral Ads (‘Referral Buttons’)

2. Implementation and Operation of Ads, Search Results, and Referrals

This now has “Referrals” added to the section title. They have also split this section into different paragraphs, one for ad units, one for search results and one for referrals.

The following section has been added:
Referrals. If You have elected to use the Google AdSense Referrals feature, You will implement any Referral Buttons on Your Site(s) in accordance with the specifications provided by Google. Each Web page(s) that contains a Referral Button must also contain other content related to Your Site. End users who click on a Referral Button will be directed to a Web page hosted by Google (

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13 comments to Full rundown on new AdSense Terms changes

  • Jen, you forgot to close “b” or “strong” tag….

  • LOL, I was handcoding in TextPad as I was writing the changes. All fixed now!

  • Great writeup, Jen — thanks!

  • Thanks for the update Jen I was wondering what they had changed.

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  • Thanks for the info. Did you or anyone here find that the referral buttons don’t work? I added them several hours ago and still am not seeing them.

  • Those shows up jsut fine for me with my firefox. Did you try to clear your cache and cookies etc.?

  • Thanks for the response einari, I don’t see them on either IE or Firefox. I cleared cache and tried several pages. I can’t even make it work when it’s the only thing on the page. Could you post a url where you see it working? Maybe it is a client side thing.

  • I just tried a friend’s adsense id and it worked, but when I put mine in it doesn’t. What’s that?

  • Thank you for this Jen. I’ve had a referral button on my home page for two hours now, not a single referral yet but the button appears fine, even when I open the page on my local machine.

    The rounded corners need to be transparentized, otherwise the graphic fits beautifully–I’ve never had luck with ads on this page in the past.

  • Aakash

    While in a rush this afternoon, I wanted to quickly check to see if my ads had received any clicks. Upon logging in, I was presented with that screen, saying that changes had been made to just about every section of the terms, and that I had to okay them. Rather than just clicking the accept option, and moving on, I wanted to have a chance to know more; So I still haven’t checked my Adsense reports. But I knew, from the last time that this thing had happened, that there may be information, at certain weblogs, that would reveal the information that we needed.

    And this weblog, as we should have expected, has done just that. I want to thank you for maintaining this site, and for providing us with the useful information and insight that we need, about the Adsense program. Please keep up the great work that you’ve been doing!

  • Nice write up. I am now taking part in the Adsense referral program to see what it is like.

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