Moderating the YPN Lunch at PubCon

If you are attending WebmasterWorld’s PubCon this week, be sure to attend the YPN Lunch at 12:45 Tuesday.

Learn how Yahoo! is extending its advertising network and content to help small and medium size publishers to enhance their own sites. Several key Yahoo! Publisher Network team members will be on hand to provide an overview and answer questions about this new beta product. Moderated by Jennifer Slegg.

Four YPN team members will be talking about the Yahoo! Publisher Network and the end will be capped off with audience Q&A. You can register here. Be sure to bring business cards, I am sure there will be some team members taking cards if you are trying to get a beta YPN account. If you have any questions you would like me to ask the YPN team during the Q&A, be sure to leave me a comment to this entry, and I will be sure to check before the event.

And don’t forget the big Yahoo! party Tueday night at PURE, you can register for that here.

You do need to have a your PubCon conference badge to attend these events, it is not too late to register.

I will also be speaking Wednesday morning on Search Engine Copywriting.

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5 comments to Moderating the YPN Lunch at PubCon

  • YPN made a bad impression when they didn’t respond to the people registering for a beta account. Hopefully when they start working with more than just the beta people they’ll be more efficient.

    On to the questions: will they be more open than Google about suspected click fraud and work with webmasters to track down and prevent it; what will they do about cookie-cutter sites created just to host advertising; how important to them are the small websites; will they support languages other than English; will it be possible to block advertisers and/or products; and of course, when do I get my account?

  • Thought of another one, which will need to be phrased better for Y! to really answer it – is Google trying to spoil their launch by the $100 referal bonus for AdSense and making Urchin/Analytics free? Come to think of it, will YPN be offering anything like the Analytics?

  • Here’s a question that I’m sure will be asked a lot: When does YPN expect to be accepting people from Canada into their program?

    The reason I ask is that I live in Canada yet I own no sites with primarily Canadian traffic. If I lived 4 hours drive away in Buffalo NY, with the same sites it would be ok.

  • pgunn

    I was not able to attend but am interested in your impressions from the YPN presentation. A few questions:

    Were you impressed with the YPN presentation? What was the best and worst part of it?

    What were the tough questions they could not answer?

    Did YPN personnel say anything about their total addressable market for 2006? Anything on the total publisher network market opportunity?

    Did they mention any specifics on follow-on products after RSS and Y!Q?

    Did they mention any challenges or missed opportunities that they will face at launch in Q1?

  • Most important question is, do they have a tentative schedule as to when they’ll start accepting international accounts? I hope it’s gonna be soon.

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