Yahoo Publisher Network launches RSS ads at PubCon

If you haven’t signed up for the JenSense feed, you might not have noticed that I have been beta testing the Yahoo Publisher Network RSS ads for the last couple of months. And the big announcement at Tuesday’s YPN lunch at PubCon was the launch of RSS ads for YPN publishers.

The YPN RSS ads look quite different from the Google AdSense RSS ads that many are already familiar with. The YPN RSS ad units are stylized to look quite similar to the traditional ad units.


One advantage to YPN RSS ads is that you do not have to apply for them separately, like you must do with AdSense for Feeds. If you are a beta tester for YPN, you will see it live in your account when you login.

The Ads in RSS Setup Guide is also a nice (and much needed!) feature. When I first began running AdSense for Feeds, it took some work to figure out exactly where the ad code went in the tags and html that make up the various RSS feeds on a blog. This guide will tell you exactly where to paste your YPN code.

The ad units cannot be customized with different colored borders or text, they only come in the standard grey/blue/green as above. I do really like the look of these ad units, when compared to the few other RSS ad programs on the market currently.

Right now, they only support WordPress and MovableType blogs.

I have definitely noticed targeting on RSS ads on this blog seem to be more tightly targeted than when I ran AdSense RSS ads, although because I had been site targeted via AdWords by an advertiser, I was only seeing that one advertiser in my RSS feeds for a few weeks prior to switching to YPN RSS ads. It will be interesting to see what others report back on the RSS targeting comparison as well.

So if you have a YPN account and a blog in WP or MT, you can start activating ads in your YPN control panel right away, without waiting for approval.

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6 comments to Yahoo Publisher Network launches RSS ads at PubCon

  • Tim

    I have an YP account and a WordPress blog, however I cannot use the YPN RSS ads because I’ve decided to setup my RSS feeds in summary, not full text mode. 🙁

  • I’ve been fiddling with these feeds- I’m using them outside of MT/WP blogging software. It is still a little hit and miss, but works fine if you use an integer for your entry ID.


  • I saw that it only supported WP/MT and immediately backed off, although I imagine, as Ted says, that it is possible to integrate this with a custom feed.

    I plan to send Yahoo! my feedback about this. They have been very good in keeping in contact with me about some of the other changes they are implementing, so hopefully they can give some insight into customizing the feed ads.

  • SD

    Click my name for a HOWTO on custom feeds and YPN RSS ads

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