eMiniMalls ad unit redesign sparks controversy

Since I was away at PubCon, I didn’t get a chance to talk about this until now. eMiniMalls blogged about a change made to their ad units to remove the hyperlinks on product names, to combat what they refer to as “curiosity clicks”.

To help filter out so-called

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11 comments to eMiniMalls ad unit redesign sparks controversy

  • I am taking a wait and see attitude with this too. Although CTR is down I am still making more with Chitika then with Adsense in the same ad spots.

    I believe Chitika will eventually have everything tweaked to make both the publishers and the advertisers happy.

  • I switched (back) to google image ad’s with the same dimensions and am now using the Chitika ad’s as alternate ad’s there. After the link change revenues were down bij > 70%.

  • I personally don’t see why so many people were putting the minimalls up in the first place. They are SO hideous! But to each his own, I suppose.

  • I completely agree with you, Jen. It’s great that Chitika started with so many positive notes from it early users. Hence, those initial publishers got a deluge of new affiliates, which brought them a lot of commission. Unfortunately, at a still very premature stage, Chitika is already making drastic changes, and not so good ones at that. It seems that the people in Chitika have grown so over-confident of their early success they thought they could just re-invent the wheel anytime. I really think they should take a lesson from YPN. If the Google ads format is already successful, such that it is also used by Yahoo, why change it?

  • My Atlanta

    “If the Google ads format is already successful, such that it is also used by Yahoo, why change it?”.

    Check out:

    “If the service is based on a cost-per-click model why are

  • Mark

    Yes, there seem to be a lot of upset webmasters. And, it may be that some of them have misunderstood the original change. They’ve added some more detail on their blog now.

  • Did anyone think this was going to be any different then what has already been done? Has anyone shared their actual earnings publicly in a forum like this? I’d be interested to learn the actual payouts people are earning and why they find Chitka valuable.

    As a product, it’s nothing special and is a bit confusing for the average user to differntiate from the content of the site. This confusion ultimately led to higher than expected CTR’s and lower than expect conversions. This equals Chitka was losing money on a CPC basis and needed to correct the problem.

  • Chitika – Powered by PostNuke ?

    So I am logging into my Chitika account the other day and I look at there navigation system on the side and I just keep thinking to myself man I have seen this whole theme before somewhere. With the + dropdown links and other stuff it just seems so fa…

  • gail

    After some serious tweaking between Google and Chitika ads, I’m doing okay (unaudited returns). However, I’ve seen a lot of concern expressed wondering if we’ll even get paid. Does anyone here share that concern? Chitka appears to be somewhat of a new company but is it a solid company? I guess I just don’t understand why so many are bailing out from the program.

  • Actually Chitka ads are just rebranded from the XML feed. I have a XML feed and make several times what I make with Adsense. I am pretty sure that (now owned by Ebay) put their foot down. Shopping has always prided itself on the quality of the click from Shopping. The idea is a that you are getting a shopper that is interested in making a purchase. The contract with shopping is pretty explicit about what you can and can’t do with the feed. The Chitka ads were pushing it and I suppose the sudden onslaught of poorly converting clicks was making their merchants upset. Hence the change.

    I think they are pretty ugly anyway and I would imagine almost all the clicks were curiosity clicks and pretty useless to merchants.

    Payment – is very prompt about payment so I wouldn’t worry about that. I would worry about ebay/ reducing what they pay Chitka on per click basis as they convert so poorly.


  • gail

    I’m not familiar with

    Chitika ads are working okay on my site. They don’t receive anywhere the amount of clicks I get from AdSense, but I do get more per click. However, it does seem that their Avg Cpc has been dropping too the last day or so, and I’m very uncomfortable not knowing how their audited returns will fare. This is the most lucrative time of the year for a site like mine, so I’m wondering if I should even stay part of this beta program.

    Besides all the folks wondering how much the audits will negatively impact returns, I don’t like to see a good number of website owners bailing out and/or wondering if they’ll even get paid.

    Has anyone gotten paid yet?