Firefox Referrals now available for international AdSense publishers

I admit, I was disappointed that the Firefox referrals program was limited to US publishers only when it launched on November 4th. But looks like they have listened to publisher feedback and have now rolled it out to all international publishers.

International publishers can now refer users to Firefox plus Google Toolbar through the AdSense referrals feature. As you connect your users with Firefox to improve their web browsing experience, you can generate earnings – up to US$1 for each new Firefox user who downloads and runs the product for the first time. To add a Firefox referral button to your site today, visit the ‘Referrals’ tab in your account.

Many international publishers were upset that AdSense originally restricted it to only US publishers, regardless of where the site’s traffic was from. So it is nice to see AdSense make it available to all.

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12 comments to Firefox Referrals now available for international AdSense publishers

  • I would love to hear from someone who was successful with the buttons. I tried it out for a while and just the normal Firefox buttons worked a lot better in generating clicks…

  • I had very little success. Despite some prominent placment on various blogs, I had exactly one conversion – from a reader base that is 70% IE.

  • Firefox Referrals Opened for international AdSense publishers

    Google have opened their Firefox AdSense referrals program to international publishers. The new affiliation programs started with two programs for AdSense and Firefox, the first one was made

  • hi, does anybody have a list of top paying YPN keywords? thanks!!

  • The program is now available internationally, but pays “up to 1 dolar per windows installed firefox”, which in my case is much less, like 1/4.

    I’ll have to run it a bit more to see if the eCPM is worth anything.

  • AdSense Firefox Referrals Go International

    JenSense reports that Firefox Referrals now available for international AdSense publishers. JenSense, being from Canada, was upset that the firefox referral program was limited to only US publishers. There is also coverage at the Google AdSense Blog wi…

  • Lis

    Better 25c than 10c you get in Poland.

  • Google Referrals For Firefox Launched For International Publishers

    On November 4, 2005 I discussed Google’s referral program which they had just launched. At the time they had restricted the referral for FireFox with Google Toolbar to only US publishers. Google has now announced that they’re allowing international pub…

  • I have not had any success with them at all. I’m sure they may work on the right site. Maybe a forum site that has a bunch of techies that run predominantly IE?

  • IncrediBILL

    Rumor has it these FireFox buttons increase your CTR and smart pricing engages and kills your income.

  • Firefox referal ads get the AXE

    When Google introduced the $1 per download of Firefox campaign I never bought into it. I even own a firefox forum and still didnt think it was worth it. Dont get me wrong I really really like Firefox.


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