Email AdSense reports for getting your stats to go

AdSense released a new feature today for something I periodically heard publishers asking for… the ability to receive their AdSense stats via email.

Now, new emailable reports offer you even more freedom: the ability to have your AdSense earnings reports sent straight to you. You select where and when you want your reports sent. Up to ten custom reports can be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly to the inbox of your choice.

One of the drawbacks is that you can only receive each email report once per day, so bad news for chronic stat checkers who would be happy with nothing less than stats emailed every 15 minutes! That does open the door for reports available with a higher frequency for larger publishers or perhaps on a paid subscription basis – a couple of people have already expressed that they would be willing to pay a small amount for the convenience of frequent stats update but who chose not to use one of the available commercial stat trackers. Right now there is also a limit of ten reports being available via email.

The best feature of the new emailed reports is that you can specify alternate email addresses, which make it easy to share reporting information with others, while not sharing your entire AdSense account access at the same time.

They will also come in handy while publishers are out of time and uneasy about logging into their AdSense accounts while at an internet cafe or while using any other less-secure internet access… particularly those who are worried about the possibility of logging in using a contaminated IP address while traveling.

Full instructions are available in the AdSense Support area.

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