New Christmas seasonal ads go live

Shortly after the new features webinar and the following Inside AdSense blog post about Christmas themed ads, they started going live on publisher’s accounts who had opted into the themed ads.

xmastheme.gif xmastheme2.gif

Something worth noting is that the new seasonal ad units will override your custom ad unit colors, most noticeably with a border in light blue, so there is the potential that the seasonal ads will affect CTR rates. You can see above two examples taken from this blog, so you can see how the seasonal design overrides your usual ad unit colors.

Dennis Hwang, the famous Google Doodler is the artist behind the new Christmas ad unit images. And if you haven’t noticed, Google is also doing their annual holiday Google doodle.

This is the first widespread usage of seasonal ad units and they will be running through December 26th.

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2 comments to New Christmas seasonal ads go live

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