Chitika releases November & December audits for eMiniMalls

Chitika has finally released their November earnings audit (which was expected last month) and have also released December’s audit as well. Payments will be sent in the next few days for November earnings but December earnings will not be released until the end of January.

As for the audits themselves, there hasn’t been any feedback on the forums yet, so I will post a follow-up in a few days after seeing publisher reaction.

And as a goodwill gesture, they have continued their 10% bonus for December earnings as well. This was originally added for November earnings as compensation for the loss of revenue caused by the ad unit changes.

Personally, here is what I saw. For my own earnings, I lost 5% for November and 3% for December. For my referral earnings, I saw my earnings reduced about 40% for November and about 25% for December. Unfortunately, those referral earnings audits were still pretty significant in my books, especially since they began filtering clicks at the beginning of December.

Chitika also announced the audit being released on their blog with mention of significant enhancements possibly being released over the next few weeks.

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8 comments to Chitika releases November & December audits for eMiniMalls

  • Tim

    No big loss from daily earnings here either. I was very pleased, and a nice December bonus too!

  • Chitika says “The final revenues are calculated after the audit process that takes into consideration factors like click fraud, merchant feedback, merchant chargebacks, etc.”

    Since when do we have the deal with a merchant’s chargebacks? Is this not a CPC or PPC contractual relationship? I am getting ever more suspicious of Chitika.

    Despite my mostly US traffic, I saw a drop in combined earnings in 12/2005 in the low double digits. That stinks! Time for a class action perhaps?

  • I had just few clicks as I have eminimalls on one site only (fortunately I dropped it on most of my sites). However, I lost 90% of my referral earnings in this audit..

  • I lost over 30% of my earnings and my sites see next to no traffic from outside North America. I’m really sick of these games Chitika is playing but I don’t know what else I could run in place of them in conjunction with AdSense on the pages.

    I think a lot of people would be very happy if they could just call it quits and use something else.

  • Artlines

    I was banned saying its fraud clicks or something against TOC. God knows what. Before that I lost almost more than 80% revenue in the audit fron Chitika.
    Thanks to then because I was about to remove those ads as it make no sense for my sites.

  • Chitika November And December Audits Released

    My question for Chitika is that if they aren’t going to pay for clicks outside the US why don’t they allow an alternate URL that is displayed when a user is fetching the ad from outside the US? This would…

  • I can say that I’m thrilled to only lose ONE click in the auditing process…
    BUT- the figures don’t add up on the earnings.
    Granted, they are only a few dollars off, but I’m interested in knowing more about their process.

  • I have been surprised by my Chitika experience, to say the least. I started using product-specific links (as I use Adwords contextual links) on my site, and I did receive payment for my first month’s advertising on 1st December 2005. Unfortunately, January came around, and no payment. On 12th Jan I received the following email from Chitika:-

    We are sending this message to inform you that your account ID: xxxx has been suspended. Traffic analysis for your account highlighted plausible fraudulent activity or a breach of our terms and conditions and we are suspending your account until we resolve this issue. We are also working with our ad partners to reject all fraudulent clicks and refund the amounts.

    Please remove our code from your web pages immediately. You will not be paid for any fraudulent traffic or for any traffic going forward.

    To say I was perturbed is to put it mildy. I had not been engaged in any activity that could be considered fraudulent. My click through figures were pretty much in line with the previous month’s. And before anyone starts to wonder how many thousands of dollars I must have been making from Chitika…my first month’s earnings were in the region of $50! The figures I were being being shown on my Chitika account for impressions etc all looked sensible to me and tied in with the numbers I was getting both from Adsense and the stats counter I used.

    Something was wrong. So I tried to log in to my Chitika account to check things. Suspension really did mean suspension, though. I could no longer get into my account to verify my numbers. I emailed Chitika, asking for further explaination. It’s now 2 weeks later, and Chitika’s customer support has not seen seen fit to reply to any of my 3 emails, nor to explain what they think may be fraudulent about my figures.

    If Chitika are going to throw claims of “possible fraudulent activity” at people, they should at least have the professionalism to respond to queries I have regarding such claims.

    The Chitika honeymoon is over for me.

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