New contextual ad correspondent at Search Engine Watch Blog

In case you missed Danny Sullivan’s announcement on the Search Engine Watch Blog, I am their new correspondent for all things contextual advertising related.

I’ve written before that Search Engine Watch doesn’t focus on contextual advertising because it’s not search. Having said this, with two major search engines pushing contextual products toward search advertisers, we do some limited coverage. Plus, sometimes contextual issues can overlap into search.

We’re going to be doing a bit more coverage out on the blog now thanks to our new contextual ads correspondent, Jennifer Slegg. Many of our readers probably recognize Jen’s name, as she publishes the excellent JenSense blog that we’ve pointed at from time to time.

So if you haven’t added Search Engine Watch to your RSS reader, you can do it here. You will see me posting about the important happenings in contextual advertising with Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Thank you to Danny for inviting me aboard the SEW Blog!

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