YPN’s Run of Network advertisers among top internet advertisers for Dec. 2005

I was browsing the Nielsen//Netratings list of top internet advertisers for December 2005 and I noticed that several of the advertisers were also advertisers commonly believed to be Yahoo Publisher Network Run of Network (RON) advertisers as well.

The three I noted included Vonage, the advertiser most commonly associated with RON ads, as well as LowerMyBills and Nextag.

The complete top ten included Vonage, General Motors, LowerMyBills,, United Online, BellSouth, SBC, Dell Computer, Netflix, Inc., Scottrade, Inc. It is also possible that there are more RON advertisers in this list, but doing their advertising under a different brand URL.

It does make me wonder how extensive this advertising was done through the YPN RON ads, although it is well known that these advertisers also use other advertising sources besides YPN, including other Yahoo Search Marketing advertising as well as through Google.

You can download the complete report from Nielsen//NetRatings in PDF format here.

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1 comment to YPN’s Run of Network advertisers among top internet advertisers for Dec. 2005

  • Interesting to note that GM was the 2nd largest display advertiser in Dec ’05 and Digitas just announced last week that GM was likely to be flat this year. Two mortgage aggregators represent the 3rd and 4th largest advertisers in Dec, and that market is beginning to slow. Does this spell much more modest growth for the online (display) advertising market overall in ’06? Or will other industries/companies take up the slack? If so, which ones?

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